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We are a group of like-minded educators who want quality education for all children across Eastern Europe. We love learning from one another and sharing new ideas in our local communities. We believe in the power of education to change lives.

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Meet The Team


Lyndsey Marcu

Originally from Northern Ireland, I have been an educator for over 20 years. When I am not teaching in the classroom, as a Primary school teacher, I am planning my next project. Since my first trip to Romania in 1999, where I taught English as a foreign language, I fell in love with the people and Eastern Europe. Since then, I am constantly trying to find new ways to connect with local communities, engaging through dialogue and working together to make education a priority and giving young people the best start in life.


Caroline Mawdsley


Anna Fartushna

I'm Ukrainian by chance and a teacher by choice. Since I was a kid I always adored teachers and educators, so starting from 2013 I became one :) I worked in a state school for a while, volunteered (and after quarantine time hope to continue so) in kids camps, and a few years ago I found my place with a great group of teachers, in a private school, who genuinely love kids and care for them. 

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